Why choose Lustre Bar?

In short, we take functions very seriously as it forms a large part of our business. With over 15 years of experience, we continue to make improvements to enhance your private function experience. So why would you trust your special event to another venue? Lustre Lounge offers a real alternative to the traditional nightclubs by:

  • not shunning private functions into a spare room while the general public takes top priority. At Lustre Lounge the entire venue is yours for the night – clearly a better option for any special occasion;
  • providing an intimate atmosphere where everyone feels welcome; 85 person capacity;
  • providing friendly staff who are experienced cocktail professionals;
  • only serving quality ‘first pour’ labels – all drinks are served directly from the manufacturers’ bottle + NO post-mix machines (yuk);


$2000 Minimum Bar Spend

$3000 Minimum Bar Spend

No Functions available

$5000 Minimum Bar Spend

Minimum Bar Spend
Instead of charging a hiring fee we require that you or your guests meet a minimum level of liquor purchases to host a private function. It would be highly unusual for the Minimum Bar Tab not to be exhausted within the 4 hour period set however it is important to note that the Minimum Bar Tab is non-refundable even if not reached at the conclusion of the 4 hour period. This is because the Minimum Bar Spend incorporates having exclusive use of Lustre Lounge with the public blocked.

You Pay or Guests Pay Option (or a bit of both)
If the Minimum Bar Spend outlay is outside your budget then why not offset it by having your guests pay their own way – or some of the way?  Under this option the Minimum Bar Tab must still be settled prior to the event however the portion of the Minimum Bar Spend spent by your guests will be refunded to you within 10 days.

Unfortunately due to the poor behaviour of some of our past patrons we now also charge a bond for groups under the age of 23 of $500.  This bond is fully refundable 7 days after the event, provided there are no damages.

Additional Services

  • Quality catering can be provided on request. Due to our outsourcing arrangements, this cost must be settled 5 days prior to your event. If you choose to use your own caterer please note that we are governed by strict food safety laws that include obtaining a copy of the caterer’s current food permit and ensuring that transportation & storage satisfy the standards set. Home-made catering – including cakes – is always prohibited (sorry that is the law).
  • Resident DJ option is $250 (4 hours) with your choice of music. Alternatively you may provide your own music at no extra cost or allow us to play our own music – or have no music at all if you wish.
  • Microphone is available for speeches (no extra cost)
  • Private functions may extend past the set 4-hour period for an extra charge of $200 per hour (Extension Fee) which does not include drinks but allows the function to remain private. This fee assists in recouping our losses from not opening the doors to the public. The Extension Fee must be paid prior to the conclusion of the set 4-hour period of the function. During the extended period, you may continue to use your Minimum Bar Spend if it was not reached during the 4 hour private function period.

Booking Procedure

For bookings and enquiries, click here to make your enquiry online. To secure a function date, we require a non-refundable, 50% deposit of the Minimum Bar Spend. Please note that the balance of all private function costs MUST be settled prior to the function. We regularly have dates wanted by two or more parties. If you have a date in mind and have decided on Lustre Lounge – we strongly recommend that you lock in the date with the 50% deposit.

Methods of Payment
Direct debit, EFTPOS, cash, credit card & AMEX

Function Manager Contact
Gerard: 03 9671 3371