Nov 9th

Are you a Negroni Devotee?

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Negroni is often touted to be the drink of the bartender.  A classic combination of Gin (in our case Tanquary 10 is our preferred mixer), Campari and Sweet Vermouth first made for Count Negroni when he demanded a different drink than the popular Americano of the day back in the 1930’s.

It is not surprising that quality (in all things but especially cocktails) stand the test of time, but this doesn’t mean you cannot mix it up a little.  In recent years two other variants have come to the fore – the Black Negroni and the White Negroni.  The Black negroni is built on Averna (instead of Campari) which is an alternative italian liquer that is made from citrus, herbs, caramel and other secret ingredients to produce a sweeter, thick and mioldly bitter digestive.  the White Negroni keeps the gin base but adds Lillet Blanc, a white vermouth and Suze which is a light bitters fermented from the Gentian root grown in the alps of France and Switzerland.

These modern generations of a classic are sure to delight any lover of a Negroni.  Although sequels rarely outperform the original these go close.